DISCLAIMER: We love AWS, still have services running there and we don’t exclude some day we’ll be back, but for the time being…

Our one-page website is a simple Express app (we’ll say more about it in another post). Our first choice was AWS LightSail: we simply launched a Node.JS (Bitnami built) machine there and rerouted our DNS from NameCheap using AWS Route 53 services. Nothing more reliable than that. Effortless? Well, it took a bit to figure out, and for sure it’s not free.

Being a startup, we receive a lot of advertising on many products, but thanks to…

Work from home without compromising your health

The ideal setting for working long hours at a computer

Remote working is actually a de-facto standard for many of us working in/for startups. Yes we had co-working spaces before, where internet was good and we had our desk and we could chitchat with people from other startups… I am sure we’ll be back soon to that… but in the meantime, working from home is the new normal.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent half of 2020 working from home as well, and that happened mostly from my kitchen, or from some random small desk in the basement, or maybe from an Ikea armchair with an iPad…

La pandemia di SARS-CoV-2 ha colpito duramente il settore dell’accoglienza. Abbiamo simulato alcuni scenari per capire meglio come reagire.

Photo by Giacomo Carra on Unsplash

Il turismo è uno dei settori trainanti dell’economia globale, con i suoi $8.8 trilioni annui di fatturato e i suoi più di 300 milioni posti di lavoro.

La pandemia globale causata da SARS-CoV-2 ha colpito duramente tutti i settori economici, ma quello dell’accoglienza turistica è decisamente il più pesantemente danneggiato.

L’UNWTO parla di un possibile declino, a livello globale, tra l’1% e il 3% degli arrivi internazionali, il che si tradurrà in una perdita tra i 30 e i 50 miliardi…


Our Mission at Manent.AI is to provide companies with actionable knowledge about what customers are saying in online reviews.

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